March is Save Your Vision Month

If you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, here’s an important statistic you should know: One out of five Americans has had a non-eye-related health issue that was first detected by an optometrist. In fact, a dilated eye exam can do more than assess the health of your eyes. It can also show early signs of high blood pressure, immune diseases and other illnesses.

Thanks to the backing from the American Optometric Association, March has been designated as ‘Save Your Vision Month,’ reminding us that vision care is important to overall health.

Tips to Save Your Vision

Most people get glasses or contacts to correct their vision, but few think about steps to maintain their eyesight for life. Here are a few tips to save your vision.

Book an Eye Exam

Even if you have 20/20 vision, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends getting an eye exam. This includes dilating your pupils to let in more light. The process gives the doctor a clear view of the back of your eye. A dilated exam also gives insight into your overall health. For example, in 2019, optometrists identified signs of diabetes in nearly 360,000 patients who didn’t know they had it.

Some eye problems that impair vision are linked to age. Experts recommend that adults who are over 65 have exams every one to two years.

Check Your Vision Coverage

Regular eye exams and corrective lenses are not covered by medical insurance. For routine checkups, glasses and contact lenses, you’ll want to consider vision insurance, which is relatively inexpensive and purchased separately from regular health insurance.

If you are 65 or older, you won’t have vision coverage with Medicare Part A and B. However, Medicare Advantage plans often bundle health coverage to include vision and dental insurance. Each plan is different, so check yours to be sure, and always feel free to reach out to a licensed health insurance agent who can help walk you through options and costs.

You GottaWear Shades

In addition to being a fashion accessory, sunglasses help block ultraviolet rays and protect the delicate skin around the eye from wrinkles and skin cancer. It’s recommended to get glasses that block 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. Also, remember to wear sunglasses while driving to block glare.

Get Goggles

Most work and sports-related eye injuries can be prevented with safety eyewear. If you’re working with tools like sanders or grinders, wear safety glasses. Sports goggles are beneficial for games like baseball, soccer and lacrosse.

Kick the Habit

Smoking increases the risk of glaucoma, cataracts, and other issues that can lead to blindness. The good news is people who quit greatly reduce the risk of these conditions.

Eat Your Vegetables

Like the rest of your body, the eyes benefit from a healthy diet. The nutrients in dark leafy greens, fruits and vegetables help protect your vision. Additionally, include fish like salmon and tuna in your diet. Both are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce the risk of age-related eye disease.

Look Away

Staring at electronic screens for hours on end causes fatigue. To reduce eye strain, follow the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes look up and focus on something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Take a Walk

Exercise helps the eyes in several ways. It improves chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes that are linked to eye disease. Just as working out lowers your blood pressure, it also reduces eye pressure which lowers the risk of glaucoma. Taking a brisk walk three or four times a week can decrease the probability of age-related macular degeneration by 70 percent. That is a condition where spots form in the field of vision, blocking sight.

Clean Your Contacts

The CDC estimates that up to 90 percent of contact lens wearers do not follow proper care instructions. To reduce the risk of eye infection, avoid sleeping in your contacts. Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your lenses. Water can introduce germs to the eyes through the contacts so remove them before showering or swimming. Don’t use saliva to clean your lenses. Instead, carry a small bottle of contact lens disinfecting solution with you.

Know Your History

Many eye diseases are hereditary. For example, having a family member with glaucoma makes you four to nine times more likely to develop it, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Find out if you are at risk for eye disease by learning your family’s history. If you think you are high-risk, schedule an eye appointment and let your ophthalmologist know.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

If you notice changes in your vision, see your eye doctor right away. Be alert for trouble signs like floaters, double vision or difficulty seeing in low light. Eye pain, blind spots, flashes of light or red eyes are symptoms of potentially serious problems that call for immediate attention.

Are You Saving Your Vision?

By following these tips and practices, you can not only keep your eyes healthier, but your overall health too!


First gift ideas that will make your new bride super happy

First gift ideas that will make your new bride super happy. As you begin your matrimonial life with your wife, make the smile on her face a little wider by surprising her with a gift. She may or may not expect it. But wouldn’t it be a great idea? It would be the first gift you would be giving her as husband and wife. So, make it special.

Need some ideas? Here’s a list just for you.

  1. Photo book

Create your own fairy tale with a photo book. Take pictures of your experiences and memories together and add cute captions to them. After a few years, it will be wonderful to look back at your own story.

  1. Spa vouchers

Pamper her with  luxurious spa experiences. It will put her in relaxation mode, something that she would definitely need after a hectic wedding.

  1. Monogrammed wine glasses 

Enjoying wine on intimate occasions can be further enhanced with monogrammed wine glasses. You could have your secret names for each other monogrammed on the glasses – something that will remain only between the two of you.

  1. Polaroid

This is a great way to fill up your fridge door with memories clicked right away. A cute little thing that can help your wife to capture all the moments she thinks is worth remembering.

  1. Indoor garden 

Flowers are passé. Now is the era of gifting an entire garden of flowers. If gardening interests your wife then you can gift her gardening tools to grow her own flowers. The both of you can see it bloom right before your eyes.

  1. Mobile charging stone

The advancement of technology has paved the way for some really cool gadgets. For instance, the mobile charging stone is wireless and does not create a mess of wires on your table. It is a great gift for your wife. She can even use it at her workplace to make sure her phone is always charged and she is digitally connected with you.

  1. Silk pillow covers

Here is a real thoughtful gift you can give your better half – silk pillow covers. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk ones will retain the hydration on her skin and make it feel smoother. Her hair will remain frizz-free too. Imagine what that out-of-bed look will look like with these amazing pillowcases.

  1. Jewellery box 

You can never go wrong with this one. There are many shapes and sizes of jewellery boxes. See the kind of jewellery she owns and buy one for her.

  1. Voice controlled assistant

Why should you gift an assistant? Alexa or Google home can create her favourite playlists, give her weather reports and the news, and also act as a reminder of things even you may forget to tell her in the future.

  1. Cappuccino machine

This is the best gift you can give a coffee lover. They love their coffee. So, if you know your wife is one, she will be thankful to you as long as this machine exists. Think about it. That is a long time. Besides, a happy wife equals happy life.

No matter what you gift your bride, she is sure to treasure it. After all, a thoughtful gesture is all about showing how important she is to you. Take up these unique gift ideas and make them yours by all means. They can help you start a blissful matrimony journey on the right note.



Do You Believe Any of These 4 Personal Loan Myths?

Do You Believe Any of These 4 Personal Loan Myths? Many times, oft-repeated myths assume the status of facts. As these myths gain traction, a lot of people unsuspectingly lap them up. When we are being drowned in so abundant information, it’s not uncommon for myths to pass off as absolute truth. It’s crucial to debunk these myths timely so that people get accurate information and are not misled. We all require personal loans for a lot of purposes, ranging from home-repair, purchases or taking care of financial affairs. Whatever maybe one’s requirements, financial loans have become a go to option for most people. While seeking personal loan has become easier than ever, there are still a few myths that persist and misinform people. Believing in myths may deter them from going for personal loans and look for another alternative that may not be as safe as reliable. Here are 4 most common personal loan myths that people fall for:-

1) Personal loans are unusually expensive

This is one of the most widespread myths about personal loans. The truth is that with a vast number of lenders in the market, the interest rates are competitive and subject to factors like your income, past repayment history, CIBIL score and relationship with the bank. With a steady source of income and a good track record of settling previous dues, there are high chances of a loan sanctioned at a comparatively low interest rate. Long association with the bank where you have applied for loan, also plays a role when it comes to interest rates. Those with a CIBIL score more than 750 can easily get a higher loan amount approved at a competitive interest rate. While those with a score between 700-749 are likely to get the loan, but not other benefits and a lucrative interest rate. That’s why maintaining a good CIBIL score helps in the long run. The interest rate that’s levied on personal loan granted to trusted customers with high CIBIL score can even be lower than the interest on a car loan.

2) Personal loans only for those with superb credit score

This again, is not true at all and is a myth that’s routinely circulated. While those with excellent credit scores are entitled to relatively lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits, it doesn’t mean that others are barred from seeking personal loan. Those with a low or average credit score, will be eligible to seek a loan but at a higher interest rate. In case of those who are looking for refinancing other loans, the deal could turn out to be worth it. For example, if there are already multiple ongoing loans against a person at a relatively high rate of interest, then the personal loan that he seeks for help with repayment of the others, may offer more benefits. Lenders don’t prohibit borrowers with low credit ratings, just that they are expected to shell higher interest rates. Personal loan eligibility doesn’t necessarily depend on CIBIL score. 

3) Seeking a personal loan is a complex process

Complexity is something that depends on how we approach a particular issue. When it comes to personal loans, if basic steps are followed then it’s not at all complex and daunting as it’s made out to be. While applying for personal loans, it’s recommended to get a fair idea of prominent lenders that are willing to grant you the amount and then compare the interest rates, processing fees, other benefits, terms of repayment and decide based on what looks best to you. It’s advised to collect all documents like income statement, account number etc before applying for a personal loan. 

4) More than one personal loan isn’t permitted

There’s no limit on the number of personal loans, if you have the requisite income to repay the loans. Personal loan eligibility mainly hinges on  income of the applicant and track record. People applying for multiple personal loans is not at all uncommon. People do require another personal loan while one is ongoing when either they don’t have the bulk sum or they don’t want to be under undue burden by parting with a huge sum at once. Based on changing priorities at different stages in life, the need for multiple personal loans arise. When it comes to loan for women, there may be other benefits. 

Conclusion: People apply for personal loans for a wide variety of reasons. But it’s not at all difficult to apply for it, nor is it that only those with exceptionally good credit scores are granted personal loan. If you are looking to apply for a personal loan, Finserv MARKETS has attractive offers and competitive interest rates.