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5 Benefits of Using Videos for App Demos

By mindmingles Sep 3, 2021
Videos for App Demos

App demo videos are one of the most crucial types of marketing videos, especially for businesses in the tech industry. This instructional video captures how your product or software works and highlights your top use cases in a single shareable medium.

So, gone are the days when you create bulky, text-heavy user guides to show the potential users how they can utilize your app features to their fullest potential. By creating well-crafted app demo videos, it would be so much easier for them to grasp the value immediately. And the more they understand about your software, the more tempted they are to try them and convert into paying users.

The combination of visuals, music, transitions, and other video effects that all come together can be a powerful way to promote your app product in an entertaining and engaging way.

In this post, we will dive more into the importance of app demo videos so you have better reasons why you should not ignore them.

Let’s dive in!

What Exactly Is an App Demo Video?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, it’s crucial to understand what exactly is an app demo video in the first place. 

App demo videos are probably the best video type for software businesses to attract and retain their potential customers or users. It helps you to illustrate how your software or app works by showing it in action. They are like the digital version of back-of-the-box instructions.

You can also say that app demo videos are a compelling way to communicate your product’s value to prospective customers in a matter of minutes — even seconds. It gives them engaging instruction and a step-by-step guide on how the product solves their needs.

Many marketers design their app demo videos like explainer videos, where they showcase the advanced features of your respective software and highlight your unique selling points to them. By watching it, your potential customers understand why they need to use your software or app.

Benefits of Using App Demo Videos for Your Business

So, you are about to launch a new app or software product and want to build hype about it. In this case, you need an app demo video not only to build more excitement for your new app but also to engage more potential customers and convert them into paying customers.

Not convinced enough? We’ve listed some essential reasons why you should create an app demo video for your app or software product:

Build App Awareness

App demo videos are versatile and shareable content. It only takes a few clicks to spread them like a wildfire. You can include it on your homepage, landing pages, email newsletters, even social media posts. Not to mention that you can also display them on a monitor and use it at physical events and expos, inviting more people and walking them through the app.

The more you share it, the more potential users will see it. That is how it boosts your app awareness in no time. Remember, solid app awareness is the key to encourage more people to try your app and become paying or loyal users.

The style you choose, the color and theme you pick, the music and sound effects you use will not only grab attention faster but also increase brand recall and create top-in-mind awareness.

Help Convert More Users

App demo videos show how the user can utilize features and benefits from them in detail. It helps you to generate more trust as they can understand how the app can help them solve their problems at some point.

It means that when you successfully demonstrate the app, the ‘maybe’ user should have no problem in trusting it and converting to a paying or loyal user. All of their concerns toward your app have now been resolved with well-crafted app demo videos. 

The stats suggest that more than 74% of potential users have been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app simply by watching a demo video.

Not to mention that app demo videos can also help you drive more qualified traffic to your website. This way, you have higher chances of increasing your conversion rates and get more users to use your app.

Create a Seamless Onboarding Process

The onboarding process can be daunting for both developers like you and potential users. Developers have to make sure that their app or software is clear, intuitive, and easy for users to pick up. Meanwhile, new users have to adapt to all those features quickly.

In this case, demo app videos come in handy. It’s a powerful tool to make the onboarding process stress-free by quickly educating users and familiarizing them with the UX design.

It acts as a visual guide to introduce new users to the user interface and key features of your software, making it much easier for them to adapt and use those features. This way, you can create an aha moment immediately — which results in an increased conversion rate and decreased churn rates.

Set Clear Expectations

A user could spend hours exploring an app or a piece of software before they decide to buy it. They pay attention to all details, from features to interface. When they come across your website to learn more about your app, most of them have no idea what you offer or all things that you bring to the table to entice them.

Providing them stunning app demo videos will make it much easier for them to understand what your app is all about as well as the unique selling offer you offer. The better they understand your app, the easier it will be to set clear expectations. They know what to expect from your products. And you make sure that you give them what you are promised to.

Setting a clear expectation is probably the best way to exceed the norm and maintain happy users in the long term. This also avoids any disappointment and conflict between your app brand and users.

Increase Good Reviews

People care about what other people think when it comes to a piece of software or app. When a user talks about their positive experience when using certain software, they will recommend it to others — and others are encouraged to try it themselves.

Many users decide to delete an app right after they downloaded it because it doesn’t do what they were expecting it to do. On the previous point, you know a well-crafted app demo video will help you to avoid any miscommunication and disappointment between your app brand and users. 

It is the type of video that helps clear up questions and show your offerings in detail so the user is more likely to get maximum value from it. This, in turn, will increase your brand reputation and tempt those users to give good feedback and reviews.

Final Thoughts

App demo videos are a powerful type of video to introduce your app or a piece of software to your potential users. It’s quick and easy to consume so they don’t have to spend hours just to understand what the app is all about and how they work in the first place. 

Now that you have a more solid understanding of its advantages, it’s time to start creating your stunning app demo videos and reap all the benefits you and your app deserves.

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