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Check Prints and Latest Trends

By Swati Oct13,2022

Who would have guessed that a few crisscrossing lines and color grids would give rise to one of the most enduring fashion clichés of all time for us and fabric distributor? We’re talking about the return of checks to the forefront of fashion, high demand as wholesale fabric, and their subsequent dominance in our closets. Due to their timeless design which has simple geometric shapes in an array of colors, they have become indispensable wardrobe mainstays. Take a look at these 5 traditional and widely-used examples of check prints.

This season, checked patterns are re-establishing their position among other patterns and products of fabric distributors. This isn’t an original theme, but it delivers a significant punch when it comes to blending drama with elegance. Therefore, one of the most eye-catching trends of the season is the use of geometric forms in a broad range of wholesale fabric and accessories by several of the industry’s leading designers. If the runways are any indication, the most talked about trends will be timeless patterns like houndstooth, gingham, and plaid. Are you prepared to tick that box?


Gingham style

Cotton gingham has a consistent square check pattern created by the fabric’s basic weave and brightly colored yarns. Originating in 18th-century France, they were widely worn beginning in the 1960s.

Gingham patterns may be made in a variety of color combinations, but two of the most frequent are blue and white gingham and red and white gingham. The typical checkerboard design is available in a range of different sizes. Depending on how the item is worn, the gingham pattern may be visible on the front or back. Gingham is a popular fabric for use in textile production since it is both cheap to produce and widely accessible.

The glen plaid style

The glen plaid is a woolen fabric with a woven twill pattern consisting mainly of huge squares. It is also known as the Prince of Wales check, which alludes to its royal lineage roots. They often include a base color of black and white or brown and white with a secondary, contrasting check pattern in blue, pink, green, or red.


For the majority of formal occasions, consider wearing a glen plaid shirt with a solid-colored suit and tie. Because Glen Plaids are so bold, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit muted so you don’t come off as forceful. This will assist you in avoiding the idea that you are attempting to be aggressive.

It is frequently made of black, grey, and white, as well as other colors with subdued tones, and it has a crisscrossing pattern of unequal checks consisting of two dark and two light stripes alternating with four dark and four light stripes. The Glen plaid design may also be woven onto non-woolen materials like cotton shirts and other forms of fabric that are not made of wool.

Windowpane checks

Compare and contrast the serious, classic, and conventional check prints; these are their fun, youthful cousins. Instead of thin, closely spaced lines, this pattern’s intersecting lines are large and widely spaced to convey the concept of geometric simplicity.

Checkered suits are getting more popular since the current trend in men’s clothing is toward more eye-catching designs and patterns. It seems that firms’ tendency to become overly obsessed with their logos is coming back. Patterned fabrics, on the other hand, such as glen plaid, are swiftly gaining popularity among tailors and fashion designers.

In the twenty-first century, men’s workwear is most typically seen in the timeless classic check pattern. The check, on the other hand, may be expressed in a multitude of ways, such as gingham, a checkerboard pattern in which white and another color alternate. Windowpane is another check variant. The latter was given its name because it resembled a specific form that is made up of two thin lines that cross each other.

Tartan checks 

These designs originated as a mark of Scottish Clan ancestry, drawing inspiration from the country’s landscapes, but have since become a classic in high-end and high-street fashion (any Vivienne Westwood lovers out there? Originally designed for a neutral woolen foundation fabric, these patterns have now been stylized for use with a wider range of materials.

The plaid is a tartan-patterned traditional Scottish garment. This design is characterized by lines that cross each other in various lengths and hues. The name “blanket” comes from the Gaelic language, but “plaide” is a Scottish term for a blanket.

Plaid, on the other hand, has supplanted tartan as a synonym in the United States. Despite the fact that tartan shirts are not typically made of flannel, the phrase “flannel shirt” is often used to refer to them. The Burberry check can be seen on the company’s trench coats and scarves. It is generally regarded as one of the most unique tartan patterns.


Buffalo checks 

These plaid patterns predominate on flannels and are thus the most prevalent. These are enormous blocks made from the union of two yarn colors, most often red and black. Their actual beginnings are unclear, however, many people believe they originated in Scotland sometime in the 1800s.

This year sees the return of the checkered pattern. With both its traditional forms and its modernized, stylized iterations enjoying equal acclaim. The existing adaptable parts have been rethought to work in any climate. We’ve included some of our favorite outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) inspirations below, along with shopping links so you can start putting together your dream ensemble right now.


Advice on how to look good



The timeless combination of a checkered blazer with solid-colored dress pants or a skirt never fails to turn heads. Switch things up by wearing solid colors over your checkered tops and bottoms.

Sync ensembles


Even while monochromatic and matched ensembles are really “in” right now, checks take it to a whole other level. These pieces are perfect for experimenting with new styles, cuts, and colors, such as the refreshing green and fresh pastel orange shown here for the corresponding check patterns.

A Statement of Elegance

Visually, checks are pleasing due to their minimalist geometry. As a result, this makes it a sophisticated fashion statement by taking advantage of this trait of theirs. Take this orange plaid oversized shirt as an example; it might serve as the lone hint of color.



Have you always had such a deep appreciation for the classics? Use the tried and proven combo with a solid if this is the case. This pairing is ideal since it highlights your tartan and gives your creation an air of sophistication. Neutral colors like black, white, and brown are safe bets. But, how about a little more action? Add some more pizzazz to your plaid by teaming it with a complementary hue. And you’re good to go in terms of rocking check prints this season. And if you are trying to find an authentic fabric distributor then you don’t have to be overwhelmed as fabriclore has a solution for you. 

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By Swati

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