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Natural Latex: Why it’s the smart choice for your mattress

By mindmingles May 19, 2021
Natural Latex

Memory foam has been a popular choice for a mattress in the past few decades. But now natural latex is coming into its own, and it’s here to stay. Natural latex is made from a sustainable material that doesn’t have any harmful or toxic chemicals as memory foam does. It provides better breathability so your body can breathe easier at night and you’ll never wake up feeling overheated or damp again. 

What is Latex? 

When one thinks about latex what is evoked in your mind’s eye? Rubber gloves? I think we should firstly dispel a few myths about what latex actually is. Latex, in its purest form, is rubber which can be an entirely natural product.  It is a natural form of rubber that comes from the sap of the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. Latex is harvested from a tree by carving a small insertion in it. A milky white substance is then collected over a number of days, it is then vulcanised and turned into a firmer material which can then be used in a mattress. 

Why is natural latex better for you and the environment? 

The production of latex does not rely on fossil fuels as do many other types of mattresses which means that there are no emissions into the atmosphere to worry about. In addition, this type of product makes use of biodegradable materials such as cotton in its construction rather than petroleum-based products like polyurethane foams used in traditional mattresses. This means that when it reaches end-of-life (usually around 20 years) there will be less impact on landfill sites and Co2 emissions. 

What is the difference? 

The primary difference between memory foam and latex is how they respond to pressure. Memory foam will gradually start to sink in as you lay on it while latex won’t change its shape at all no matter what your weight or size is, but rather support them evenly throughout the mattress so you’ll never feel like you’re sinking into an indentation again when sleeping on a bed with this material. 

What are the benefits? 

Another benefit of choosing to sleep atop latex instead of memory foam would be air circulation which can keep one’s body temperature regulated; something not possible with traditional memory foam mattresses because their pieces tend to trap heat quite easily resulting in many tossing and turning throughout the night. Natural latex is great for people who sleep hot and those who are sensitive to heat.

Natural latex is also hypoallergenic, which means people with allergies will not be subject to the negative side effects like sneezing and coughing that’s often associated with memory foam mattresses because they don’t contain any chemicals or additives. 

Natural and durable

The durability of natural latex has been proven over time as well; many pieces of this material were found in Egyptian tombs from thousands of years ago still intact today. It can withstand pressure better than other materials making it a smart choice for someone who likes soft beds but needs some support too. Memory foam may start sagging after only six months while latex won’t degrade until five whole years have passed meaning you’ll save money without having to buy another mattress. In fact, the natural shelf life of a mass-produced memory foam mattress is seven years, whereas one made from natural latex (like the ones from is between 15-20, so a sensible choice for your wallet, and the planet.

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