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When Should I Contact A Miami Car Accident Lawyer After An Accident?

By mindmingles Jul 6, 2022
When Should I Contact A Miami Car Accident Lawyer After An Accident?

Experiencing a car crash can be one of the most traumatic incidents anyone can face in their life. If you are wondering when you should contact a lawyer after being in an accident in Miami, know that it is never too soon. The earliest you seek legal representation, the more time your attorney will get to build a strong case with a successful outcome.

Giving your lawyer plenty of time to conduct an investigation forinvestigate your accident claim means that they can make the best use of the resources available to them. They can consider all possible legal avenues to help you become financially whole again through adequate compensation.

Suppose that you’ve never been involved in an accident or wokred with a lawyer before. that you have never been involved in an accident or had to work with a lawyer for anything, and you are involved in a car crash. You In the case you end up in a car crash, you might feel hesitant or reluctant to get in touch with a Miami car accident lawyer for help. But waiting too long could result in you diminishing your chances of getting a fair compensatory payout for the damages you have incurred.

This post will offer you a guide on what to do after a car accident and outline the benefits of working with trusted Miami car accident lawyers in such situations.

Things To Do After Being In A Crash

After a car accident, the first order of business is to seek medical attention for yourself and anybody who might have been injured. Do not think about who was at fault for the crash. Focus on ensuring that everyone injured receives proper medical attention.

You should seek medical assistance for yourself even if you think you have not been hurt. The symptoms for some injuries can surface a few days or weeks after they happen, and getting a thorough medical examination can catch those injuries early.

Even if the other party involved in the accident was responsible for causing it, you should call emergency services and offer assistance if they are injured. Wait for the police to arrive, and be sure how you can acquire a copy of the police report afterwards. A lawyer can help you get the copy if you face challenges obtaining a copy yourself.

If you can, you definitely should document the accident site, any injuries you incurred, and vehicle damage. Take pictures and make videos because you will need all the evidence possible to make a strong claim. It is also likely that you could not document the accident and your injuries. Fortunately, your lawyer can help you gather evidence and even obtain any CCTV footage that could have captured the accident.

There will most likely be witnesses who saw what happened. Ask them for their contact information if they are willing to help. Provided that they give you permission, record a video statement of the witnesses. Witness statements can make a massive difference in the outcome of an auto accident casan auto accident case outcome because they are neutral parties.

A legal professional can also conduct witness interviews on your behalf and make your life a little easier through this tough time.

Notifying Your Insurance Provider After An Accident

Most insurance companies require you to tell them if you have been involved in an accident. However, you should be very careful when you are communicating with them. Insurance adjusters are notorious for faking empathy to get as much information out of you as they can use to delay, devalue, or even reject injury claims.

If you say the wrong things, the insurance adjuster can and will use it against you. Even the most seemingly insignificant things can have a negative impact onrm your settlement. For instance, telling the insurance company representative that you are feeling a little better could give them what they need to lower the valuation for your claim or outright reject it by saying that your injuries have already improved.

Suppose that you were at fault for the accident or are unsure about it. In that case, you should never admit fault or hint any suspicion of it. Share only the basic details about the accident when notifying your insurer, telling them when and where it happened, whether anyone was injured, and if there was substantial damage to the vehicle.

Ideally, you should speak with an experienced Miami car accident lawyer before speaking with your insurance company and let them speak to the adjuster in your stead. A good lawyer will know how to communicate all the necessary facts and negotiate a fair settlement without the risk of saying anything that can harm your claim.

When Contacting A Miami Car Accident Lawyer Is Necessary

The best time to contact a lawyer is right after calling the emergency services to the accident site. Depending on the complexity of the accident and its aftermath, you might not feel the need to contact a lawyer immediately. Just remember that Florida’s statute of limitations on car accidents is four years from the date of the accident for most situations.

It means that if you failed to call a lawyer until after four years after the accident, the court could disqualify any claims you make, and you cannot seek compensation. Depending on the details regarding the accident’s details, you might be required to make a claim much earlier than within the statute of limitations. Some of the cases in which you should call a Miami car accident lawyer immediately include:

  • The accident resulted in severe injuries or death to the other party
  • You cannot return to work due to injuries or trauma caused by the accident
  • Several motorists were involved in the accident
  • One of the parties involved was an uninsured motorist
  • DUI was a factor that led to the accident
  • The accident happened in a protected area, like a construction site or school zone
  • Your insurance company is creating problems
  • A lawyer reached out to you regarding the case

Speak To Trusted Car Accident Lawyers

When deciding to seek legal representation, it is crucial to hire determined attorneys who have a proven track record in handling cases like theseIt is crucial to hire determined attorneys who have a proven track record in handling cases similar to yours. Working with Miami car accident lawyers experienced in dealing with all kinds of car crash claims in Florida can make a world of difference in ensuring that you get the rightful compensation for your case.

Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers is a firm renowned for handling such cases. Consider contacting them if you want to work with car accident lawyers with the experience and expertise necessary to help you get a winning settlement.

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