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Basic Steps To Better Swimming Technique

Basic Steps To Better Swimming Technique

Whether you are a beginner or want to brush up on your swimming skills, first, you need to know the basic rules and techniques.

Moving towards the fact, swimming can burn up to 400 calories/hour, which is great for shaping up. Also, learning swimming from a swimming school in Singapore enables you to learn modern techniques from professionals.

As you know, every day, swimming activities firm up your entire body and increase metabolism, so it’s better to practice consistently. But it’s also important to be familiar with important swimming techniques. What are they? We will mention them in this article!

5 Steps To Better Your Swimming Techniques

1. Reduce Swimming Time

For faster swimming, you need to get trained faster!

Let’s be clear on the point; swimming lessons should be shortened because it allows you to learn faster. It means swim for 30 minutes but on an everyday basis. Instead of practicing 1 or 2 hours for three days a week, free up 30 minutes from your day and swim regularly.

If you are a newbie and not trained yet, then there are chances that your muscles are not ready to spend long hours swimming. So, we would suggest you prefer 30 minutes of swimming, and it will also improve your aerobic capacity. And sooner or later, you will start swimming faster.

Consistency in swimming leads to the high performance of swimmers. Also, if you take training from a good swimming school, then they help to improve your swimming ability.

2. Structure Your Long Swimming Lessons

If you are good at swimming and prefer long lessons, then structure it in the right way. It will promote fitness as well as not seem boring.

For example, you have decided on a 2 hours long class in your swimming school, so plan accordingly.

Structure it like this:

Start With Warmup

15 minutes of warm put consisting of 200m freestyle rather than easy swims. Remember to perform it at a good pace and apply constant pressure (strongly) on every movement).

Pull or kick

Now, moving towards kicking and pulling, so 15 minutes would be enough. Well, it’s a good way to loosen up muscles and then start to warm up your legs. Moreover, within 15 minutes, you will get into a rhythm.


This is done after or before the main set that too for 5 minutes. Also, hypoxic defines the breath holding under duress and exercise.

We would suggest performing sprints and taking 2 breaths per length. Also, you can do a butterfly kick halfway to the pool and then do butterfly (breath after three strokes) to the rest.

Main set

The length of the main set should be 35 minutes only. Prefer short length at a very high intensity.

Warm Down

Well, it is the last thing that gives time to swimmers to recover and stretch their muscles. Be attentive and aim for a good DPS (distance per stroke). It means practicing 12 to 16 strokes in a pool of 25m.

3. Work On Breathing

While swimming, stay focused on your inhales or exhales. Also, while breathing, don’t move your head and consider tilting your head while breathing.

Many times swimmers experience difficulties in exhaling underwater. So, protect your nose and exhale a little while submerging back in the water.

  • Also, don’t tilt your head in the upward direction for breathing and tilt it to the other side.

  • After every 3 or 5 strokes, try to breathe.

  • Ensure you breathe from both sides of the body by tilting your head.

  • Also, in freestyle, never over-turn your head.

  • In the end, don’t try to hold your breath.

4. Stay In Your Lane

The most important thing to be a better swimmer is to increase swimming speed. The front stroke or freestyle is mostly preferred for swimmers. If you have chosen a suitable motion, now practice it and improve gradually.

You can go for the freestyle; there are many swimming forms such as the breaststroke, the backstroke, the sidestroke, and the butterfly.

On the other hand, if you choose the freestyle stroke, then start swimming like your belly should be facing the pool’s bottom, and your back must face the sky. Never bend your legs while kicking, and the arms must swing.

Also, if you want to enhance the correctness and balance of freestyle stroke, then there is a solution. Try to swim by keeping your head above water (at least times). It shouldn’t be your everyday routine, but it will surely help in balancing freestyle.

Perhaps the most preferred way of learning is in a swimming school in Singapore with professionals. Your instructor will teach you the basics and modern techniques. Once you become used to swimming, soon you will become a fast swimmer.

5. Improve Strength

Well, it’s a basic tip given by every Female swimming instructor that strength plays an important role. Even for other sports too, you need to improve your strength.

Well, when you practice a set of laps, it will be easier to gain power by depending on one side of your body to stroke.

In short, always use a single arm for freestyle stroke. Also, switch back and forth with your right and left arms. Moreover, use this tip sometimes, not every time, and too frequently.

Sum Up

Hopefully, these techniques will help you in improving your swimming. Furthermore, with the help of a swimming instructor, the entire process will be seamless. You can implement the above-listed tips immediately for better results.

Moreover, we would suggest you take help from professionals only. And enroll your name in a reputable and reliable swimming school in Singapore or nearby your area.

Good luck!

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